Can you get Pesos in Cancun?
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Can You Get Pesos in Cancun? – A Currency Guide

This is a common question asked by many travelers planning their Mexican vacation. The answer, of course, is yes. However, understanding the currency situation in Cancun can be more complex than just knowing where to exchange your dollars for pesos.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the dual acceptance of US dollars and Mexican Pesos within Cancun’s tourist areas and why using pesos could provide better value. We will also explore potential issues when paying with foreign currencies and discuss the practicality of small denomination peso notes.

We’ll then move on to practical aspects such as withdrawing cash from ATMs within safe zones and exchanging foreign currency at designated locations. Additionally, we will touch upon banking restrictions that affect businesses’ ability to accept certain currencies in Cancun.

Lastly, we’ll cover credit card usage inside all-inclusive resorts and hotel zones and measures to avoid unauthorized ATMs & high transactional charges abroad. And remember – Yes! But it’s always wise to maintain backup financial resources during travel for added security.

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Understanding Cancun’s Currency Situation

When planning your vacation to beautiful Cancun, money matters. The currency situation in this Mexican Caribbean region can be a bit confusing, but don’t worry – our Cancun money guide has got you covered.

The dual acceptance of US dollars and Mexican Pesos in Cancun

In Cancun’s tourist areas like the Hotel Zone or Riviera Maya hotels, you can use both US Dollars and Mexican Pesos. No matter what you’re doing, whether it be shopping or dining out, you can use both US Dollars and Mexican Pesos in Cancun’s tourist areas.

Why using pesos could provide better value for money

But here’s a tip: paying with pesos often gives you better value. Some places might use unfavorable exchange rates when converting prices from pesos to dollars. So having some Mexican Pesos can save you some cash.

And hey, if you want to avoid common Cancun travel mistakes, check out the Cancun Sun Community FB group for tips from fellow travelers.

Oh, and don’t worry about converting all your cash to pesos. Credit cards work just fine in most places, especially within resorts and hotel zones. Plus, it helps you avoid any potential banking restrictions back home.

Paying with Foreign Currencies in Cancun

When vacationing in Cancun, choose your currency wisely. While US dollars are accepted, using pesos can save you from unfavorable exchange rates and limited acceptance of large denomination bills.

Why pesos are practical

Having small denomination peso notes on hand makes transactions smoother, whether you’re tipping hotel staff or buying souvenirs. Join the Cancun Sun Community FB group for real-time advice on handling cash in Cancun and avoiding travel mistakes.

Remember, if you run out of pesos, most places in the hotel zone still accept credit cards. Just watch out for potential extra charges due to banking restrictions abroad.

In summary, using pesos in Cancun ensures better exchange rates and easier transactions, especially outside major tourist areas where acceptance of non-local currencies may vary.

Getting Your Hands on Pesos

When in Cancun, obtaining Mexican pesos is a breeze. Here are some easy ways to do it:

Withdrawing Cash from ATMs in Safe Zones

The easiest way to get pesos is by using ATMs in safe zones, like the Cancun Hotel Zone or popular tourist spots. Just be aware that these machines often come with pesky ATM fees.

Exchanging Foreign Currency at Designated Locations

If you prefer to exchange money before exploring the city, you can do so at currency exchange stores at the Cancun airport. Remember that the rates might not be as favorable as at local banks or ATMs.

Some resorts also offer currency exchange services, but be cautious about their rates.

Avoid making the mistake of exchanging large amounts of dollars without comparing rates. The Cancun Sun Community FB group has helpful tips from fellow travelers on where to get the best exchange rates in town.


  • Withdraw larger sums to get better conversion rates, but remember there are daily limits due to banking restrictions.
  • If you’re staying long term, consider opening a Mexican bank account. Most banks make it easy for foreigners to open accounts with valid identification and address details.

Banking Large Amounts of Foreign Cash

If you’re bringing a boatload of foreign cash to Cancun, watch out for banking restrictions that can make it hard for businesses to accept certain currencies. That’s why having some local Cancun money on hand is a smart move. Plus, using Mexican Pesos means you won’t get hit with unfavorable exchange rates.

Banking Restrictions That Affect Businesses’ Ability To Accept Certain Currencies

In Mexico, some companies struggle to bank large amounts of foreign cash due to strict regulations. This means they might not accept certain currencies at all. So, having some Mexican Pesos in your pocket ensures smooth transactions during your trip. It’s like a secret currency handshake.

The easiest way to avoid these issues is by opening a Mexican bank account. If that’s not your preference, don’t fret. There are still ways to handle your money like a pro while enjoying the Mexican Riviera.

  • Cash Machines: Use ATMs in safe zones like your hotel zone resort or tourist areas like Playa Del Carmen. Just be careful not to make the same 5 Cancun travel mistakes that tourists often do when using ATMs abroad.
  • Currency Exchange Stores: These stores offer competitive rates and can be found in popular tourist spots, including airports like the Cancun Airport and major hotels in the Riviera Maya Hotels area.
  • Digital Wallets: Many digital wallets now let you hold multiple currencies at once, making it super convenient for travelers from America or Europe visiting Mexico.

But remember, no matter how much research you do or how many resources you consult, nothing beats the warmth and helpfulness of Mexican hospitality staff when it comes to dealing with money matters during your travels. So embrace the local vibe and enjoy your trip.

Key Takeaway: 

To ensure smooth transactions and avoid unfavorable exchange rates, it is recommended to have some Mexican Pesos on hand when traveling to Cancun. While banking restrictions may make it difficult for businesses to accept certain currencies, there are alternative options such as using ATMs in safe zones, visiting currency exchange stores, or utilizing digital wallets that support multiple currencies.

Credit Card Usage in All-Inclusive Resorts and Hotel Zones

If you’re staying in an all-inclusive Cancun resort or the bustling hotel zone, you can rely on your credit card for most transactions. Restaurants, stores, and even excursions in these areas usually accept major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard.

Credit Card Acceptance Inside Resort Premises & Hotel Zones

Restaurants, shops, and concierge services in tourist areas like the Cancun Hotel Zone resort are equipped to handle credit card payments. Be sure to inquire about any extra fees for utilizing a card from outside the country.

At some resorts, you can use your debit or credit card to withdraw Mexican Pesos from an ATM; however, beware of the fees associated with overseas withdrawals. However, watch out for high ATM fees. Check with your bank about overseas withdrawal charges before you go.

Potential Credit Card Fees Abroad

Using your card abroad may incur foreign transaction fees imposed by your bank. These fees can add up quickly, so reviewing your bank’s terms and conditions is important. Consider applying for travel-friendly debit/credit cards that don’t charge such fees.

Check out the Cancun Sun Community FB group discussions for more information on travel-friendly banks.

Avoiding Unauthorized ATM Machines And High Fees Abroad

When you’re enjoying the beauty of Cancun, from its stunning beaches to the vibrant nightlife in the Cancun hotel zone resort, it’s crucial to be mindful about where and how you withdraw your cash. Unfortunately, unauthorized ATMs can pose a high risk due to potential fraudulent activity.

Avoidance measures against unauthorized ATMs & high transactional charges

Stick with cash machines located within banks or reputable establishments in tourist areas like Playa del Carmen or Riviera Maya hotels. These places have better security measures than sketchy standalone ATMs.

Watch out for those sneaky foreign transaction fees that can drain your wallet faster than a Cancun sunburn. Check with your bank before you go to see if they offer cards without these extra costs.

If you plan on staying long-term or visiting Mexico frequently, consider opening a Mexican bank account. It’ll save you from unnecessary currency exchanges and pesky ATM fees. Plus, it’ll make life easier for local businesses who can’t handle a ton of foreign cash.

Don’t forget to use chip-enabled cards for an extra layer of security. Those fraudsters won’t stand a chance against your high-tech plastic.

And remember, keep a backup debit/credit card stored safely away just in case your primary one goes missing. We can easily misplace stuff when we’re having a blast in the Mexican Riviera especially if we’ve joined the Cancun Sun Community FB group events.

Backup Debit/Credit Cards For Travel Security

Don’t let the Mexican pesos play hide and seek with your wallet while you’re enjoying the Cancun sun. Keep a backup debit or credit card tucked away safely in case your primary one goes missing. It’s like having a secret reserve of avocados on hand for any unforeseen circumstances.

The Importance of Maintaining Backup Financial Resources During Travel

Having a backup payment method is as essential as sunscreen in Cancun. Whether you’re staying at fancy Riviera Maya hotels or budget-friendly spots near Playa Del Carmen, don’t get caught without access to funds. It’s like trying to swim without water wings – not a good idea.

If you find yourself card-less and cash-less in a foreign land, it’s more stressful than trying to haggle with a sombrero-wearing seagull. So, before you jet off, pack an emergency fund and keep spare cards secure. It’s like having a secret stash of tacos for a late-night craving.

Consider using a money belt to keep your cash and cards safe. It’s like having a secret agent hiding under your clothes, ready to save the day if needed. Plus, it reduces the chances of losing them while frolicking on the beautiful beaches near Cancun Hotel Zone Resort.

Opening a Mexican bank account could be a smart move. It gives you direct access to ATMs in safe zones across Mexico, without worrying about those pesky foreign transaction fees. It’s like having a personal financial fiesta.

For more travel advice and tips specifically for the Mexican Caribbean, subscribe here. It’s like joining a secret club with less secret handshakes and more useful information.

FAQs in Relation to Can You Get Pesos in Cancun?

Yes, you can easily obtain Mexican Pesos from ATMs, banks, and currency exchange stores throughout Cancun.

Should I get pesos before going to Cancun? No, it’s often cheaper to withdraw cash directly from an ATM upon arrival due to better exchange rates.

Can you get Mexican Pesos at Cancun Airport? Absolutely. There are multiple ATMs and currency exchanges available within the Cancun airport.


In Cancun, it’s all about the pesos, not the dollars, so make sure to have some Mexican currency on hand for a smooth sailing vacation.

While US dollars are widely accepted, using pesos ensures you get the best bang for your buck and avoids any potential issues.

Don’t worry, getting your hands on pesos is easy peasy lemon squeezy – withdraw cash from ATMs in safe zones or exchange your foreign currency at designated locations.

Remember, small denomination peso notes are more practical for everyday transactions.

Regarding plastic, credit cards are generally accepted in all-inclusive resorts and hotel zones, but it’s always a good idea to have backup debit/credit cards for travel security.

Be a savvy traveler and watch out for unauthorized ATMs and those pesky high fees by using reputable banks and avoiding transactional charges.

So, mix it up with some pesos and credit cards, and you’ll be ready to fiesta in Cancun without any financial worries!

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