Do Cancun Resorts Have Casinos?

If there’s one thing that Cancun and casinos have in common, it’s vacation. When summer arrives, tourists flock to this Mexican city’s beaches in droves, but when the sun goes down and the night life emerges, you’ll find a lot of them entering the casinos to test their luck. Of course, the most convenient location for tourists and visitors would be inside their Cancun resort, but is this even an option?

Yes, Cancun resorts have started to house casinos since the Mexican ban on gambling was removed in 2010. Although options are limited still, there are some that offer exceptional accommodations and unique features in addition to their thriving casinos.

In this article, we’ll list our top Cancun casino resort recommendation based on criteria such as reputation/reviews, location, services, and more. Afterward, we’ve listed some important tips you should know about gambling in these casinos that will help guarantee it is a safe, enjoyable, and, hopefully, profitable experience. 

What is the Best Casino Resort in Cancun?

Since the ban on gambling in Mexico was removed, several renowned casino resorts have been established, but you’ll quickly find that although these options are relatively limited (only seven casino resorts existed in 2021), there is one that tourists and locals alike deem superior to its competitors. 

The Red Casino Cancun is the best casino resort in the city. Optimally located along the sandy beaches of Cancun’s Hotel Zone, this massive complex is the only full gaming resort casino in the region. To access it, travelers must merely become guests of Grand Oasis Cancun or The Pyramid at Grand Oasis. 

Before you book your reservation, allow us to walk you through the incomparable services and features offered by the Red Casino and both its associated resorts, so you know what to look forward to when you arrive.

Red Casino Cancun

In 2017, the Grand Oasis Cancun became the city’s first resort casino, setting an astonishing precedent for venues of this kind. Unsurprisingly, they have only improved their services since and are currently deemed one of the best, if not the most luxurious, casino resort in Cancun. They also appear to be the only casino that is actually located within resort grounds. 

The Red Casino can be conveniently accessed through the Grand Oasis Cancun’s main lobby and boasts all the aesthetics and games you’d find on the Las Vegas strip. Here, you can play classic games such as:

  • Roulette
  • Craps
  • Texas Holdem
  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Bingo 
  • Poker
  • Multiplayer game machines
  • Sportsbook betting on greyhound and horse racing

Of course, that is far from the full extent of the casino’s gaming and entertainment options. The casino houses hundreds of machines and tables that are accessible to adult guests 24 hours a day (that’s right; no children allowed here).

Once you’ve worked up a sweat, take a break and indulge in the bar’s refreshing cocktails, beers, glasses of wine, or any spirit combination of your liking. These drinks, along with any food served within the casino, are complimentary to participating guests. 

Grand Oasis Cancun and The Pyramid at Grand Oasis

When you’re ready to quit while you’re ahead or your luck has run out, you can leave the casino and explore the many other entertainment options the two resorts offer or relax comfortably in your room.

Both the Grand Oasis Cancun and The Pyramid at Grand Oasis offer an all-inclusive stay experience which, apart from the casino, includes:

  • Live shows and music
  • Multiple clubs
  • Spa services
  • Numerous restaurant and bars
  • Access to sport and workout equipment

Because so many luxury services and accommodations are available, booking a reservation for both resorts are relatively expensive compared to others located in Cancun. However, paying for almost everything the resort has to offer up-front is a great way to relieve financial stress upon arriving and simply enjoy the experiences.

We will also reiterate that these two resorts are the only option for Cancun guests who are intent on accessing a resort casino, as other casinos are either affiliated with a hotel or independent. 

Things You Should Know About Gambling in Cancun

If this is your first time gambling in a Mexican casino, then there are some things you should know before visiting the ATM or sitting down at the table. 

Arguably the most important things to know about gambling in Cancun are that an individual must be 18 years of age and present a photo ID before they are permitted to participate. Many locals and experts also like to make it clear that all gambling is done in Mexican Pesos which has poor exchange rates in Cancun casinos on top of the fact that most casinos will charge guests a membership fee and taxed anywhere from 3-8% when adding or deducting money. 

Because of this, many conclude that Cancun isn’t the most profitable location for gambling. Your best chance is to convert your cash to pesos before arriving to the casino to help avoid some of their egregious exchange rates and have more money to either gamble or spend elsewhere.

Still, there are some advantages to gambling here, such as a lack of state and federal withholdings on winnings. This means that there is no IRS equivalent to snag a percentage of your winnings; anything you win here is all yours.

Don’t think gambling in Cancun is for you, but you still want to experience the Cancun night life? Click the link to read more.

Another perk is that major sports gambling is legal here, unlike many states in America. So, if you want to test your knowledge and luck on NFL, NBA, or collegiate sports teams, now’s your chance!

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that, generally speaking, Cancun has a lot to offer the everyday traveler from its stunning beaches to its vibrant nightlife and much more. However, if you’re searching for a place with ample resort casino options, we’re afraid this might not be the destination for you yet. 

While we can wholeheartedly recommend the Red Casino Cancun, it is perhaps the only legitimate casino resort, as these facilities are still slowly growing since the legalization of gambling in the country. Perhaps, in a few more years, the number of options will increase if the Red Casino and it’s affiliated resorts aren’t what you’re looking for. 

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