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The Best Month to Travel to Cancun

It’s estimated that around 2.4 million people visit Cancun every year to experience its marvelous beaches, thriving nightlife, and other cultural and natural wonders. While these annual statistics don’t necessarily specify when people visit, assuming it is during the summer months wouldn’t be a stretch. But is that really the best time to travel to Cancun and, if so, in what month, specifically, should you plan to arrive?

Determining the best month to travel to Cancun will vary by visitor. Peak season is deemed to be between the months of December and April, but whether these are the best months for you depends on what you prioritize most in your trip, whether that be cost, weather, tourist traffic, etc.

In this article, we will break down the best months of the year to visit Cancun as determined by the traveling aspects people prioritize most. As you read, you’ll learn about this region’s climate, typical costs, and other influential factors throughout the year in order to find the month that suits you best. 

Which Month Should I Travel to Cancun?

When it comes to planning a trip to Cancun, one has to know where their priorities lie, both financially as well as what they want most out of this experience. While it is true that tourism here seems to peak between December and April, that doesn’t automatically mean these months are ideal for you. In fact, depending on your values, these might be the worst months of the year. 

Below is a list of months we recommend for travelers interested in visiting Cancun according to what people prioritize most, both for general travel as well as this location’s unique features.

  • February for weather
  • November for crowds
  • October for budget costs
  • June for families
  • July for water sports

No doubt, you’re probably prioritizing more than one of the options listed above, so if you’re torn between multiple months, we suggest reading the more in-depth sections we’ve assigned to each month below that will perhaps help you come to decision.

February for Weather

If there’s any travel aspect that people prioritize over all else, its usually weather. Afterall, nothing ruins a beach vacation quicker than nonstop rain. Wondering what weather in Cancun is like? Read a more in depth blog on it by clicking on the link.

February might seem an odd choice to anyone living above the equator, but it is, in fact, the best month to travel to Cancun weather-wise. To be fair, all the months within that golden December to April range have decent weather, but February typically has one of the lowest precipitation averages of the year, comfortable temperatures ranging from 69 to 83 degrees Fahrenheit, and relatively low humidity.

April is a strong competitor in this category, but you’ll find temperatures start creeping towards 90 degrees Fahrenheit during this time and humidity increases, both of which will peak between May and August. 

November for Crowds

A trip to Cancun can be the ideal opportunity to leave your hectic life behind for few days or weeks and just relax. Unfortunately, that’s often easier said than done if you decide to visit during peak season when the crowds are massive and seem to line every inch of the beach. 

If you want to travel to Cancun when the city is quieter and tourists scarcer, then we recommend going in November. Fewer people tend to visit during this time, partially because they are busy with work or school, but also because September to November is hurricane season.

Rest-assured, Cancun has only experienced two major hurricanes in its recorded history, so the odds of you witnessing one during your visit is slim. However, rainfall is significant during this time of year, but by November, the average precipitation usually falls by half compared to September and October.

Poor weather during this month keeps most visitors at bay since it means they can’t really take advantage of the city’s stunning beaches and nature, but there are ways to work around the rain and still have a pleasant trip. 

October for Budget Costs

After reading about Cancun’s weather between September and November in the previous section, it should come as no surprise as to why October is arguably the cheapest month to visit. 

While September usually has a higher average precipitation, many people try to fit in a late summer trip during this month, resulting in October often being the cheaper month (unless you find some amazing last-minute deals in September, which is entirely possible). 

Again, weather during this time of year isn’t going to be spectacular, so prepare yourself for being cooped inside. That being said, if your goal is to get to Cancun by any means necessary, and the only way that can happen is if the trip is at its cheapest, then this is the time to go. 

June for Families

For many travelers, vacation is when they can finally spend some quality time with their family, and we want to make sure this experience is as memorable as possible. 

If you’re travelling to Cancun with younger children, teens, or even college students, then we recommend going during the month of June, when school is over, the weather is nice, and prices for accommodations are decent. You can often find summer bargains, especially on resorts, that can make a family trip to Cancun affordable. 

July for Water Sports

Cancun’s beaches are a prime location for an array of water sports and activities from surfing or scuba diving to sailing to a simple swim. To read more about scuba diving in Cancun, click the link.

For this, you’ll usually want to go when the water is warmest, which starts in July and lasts until about October. 

If you’d rather wait until crowds dwindle down so there’s less competition in the water, you could hold off and visit in August, but once you get closer to September, you risk missing out on water-based fun due to the increase in rainstorms and potential hurricanes.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this list has helped you narrow down which month of the year is best for you to visit the wonders of Cancun. Understandably, there might be priorities we haven’t listed here, such as wildlife (which is most apparent in May to August) that you value, or you might prioritize multiple aspects listed above equally. Regardless, Cancun has something to offer travelers year-round, so don’t stress the time as much as the experiences you plan to have there. 

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