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How Accurate Is the Cancún Weather Forecast?

You’ve planned the perfect vacation to Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula to Cancún. As you’re packing your bags for what to wear, you check your phone and see that it’s expected to be sunny every day, wonderful! However, Cancún, like many tropical areas, can have varying weather from hour to hour, so how accurate is the Cancún weather forecast?

The Cancún weather forecast is mostly accurate. If you check the weather, you have to look at the chances of rain, and the cloud coverage can vary, as can the temperature. It’s also essential to pay attention to the seasons because different seasons bring different expectations to the forecast.

Cancún, Mexico, has fantastic weather throughout the year, with expectations for hurricanes and rainy seasons. Regardless of when you’re staying in Cancún, you can always expect to enjoy some sunshine and plenty of humidity.

How to Get Cancún Weather Forecast

Nowadays, there are so many apps to be able to tell us what the weather is going to be like. You can get an hourly or seven to ten-day forecast with mostly accurate results for most parts of the world. There are a few popular websites and apps where you can get an accurate forecast for Cancún’s weather. 

  • The Weather Channel: This company has been known for predicting the weather and studying patterns and climates for decades. Simply search “Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico,” and you will have the forecast. They have an app you can download on your iPhone or Android device.
  • AccuWeather: AccuWeather is another company known for giving reliable weather forecasts to help people plan their days and vacations. Just enter “Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico” in the search bar, and you can get a breakdown of what weather is expected. AccuWeather also has an app you can download on your phone.

If you’re looking at Cancún’s weather from the United States, make sure you convert it to Fahrenheit because Mexico uses celsius. Don’t let the 28º fool you! 

How is Cancún’s Weather Predicted?

It’s an age-old joke that meteorologists are the worst fortune tellers. This joke originated when the tools to predict the weather were older and not as accurate as they are today. Now, meteorologists use satellite images and computer programs to predict weather trajectories. Additionally, they consider seasonal climates and patterns to predict the weather.

Cancún’s Climate

An important thing to consider when you’re thinking about how accurate Cancún’s weather forecast will be is the climate. The climate is different from the weather because it is the average weather. Don’t let the Spanish word for the weather (“clima”) get you confused with this!

Cancún is a city on the Yucatan peninsula that is known worldwide for its hospitality, amazing beaches, and fantastic weather. It’s located in a tropical region, so expect mostly tropical conditions.

One of the most popular times to visit Cancún is during Spring Break for foreigners because that is when it has the best weather, but locals will go throughout the year to enjoy Cancún’s weather.


Since Cancún is located on the water, the humidity is going to be high. Daily weather reports will show high humidity throughout the year for Cancún. Depending on how accurate you want to be, some sources will be within a few points of each other.

Since there is less rainfall, the months with the lowest humidity are February through April.


With high humidity can come a lot of precipitation. Tropical areas are known for how much it rains and daily storms; however, that isn’t the case for Cancún. Cancún has an average of 52 inches of rainfall a year, with October being the wettest. 


When people think of Cancún, they think of sipping margaritas on the beach or poolside, so it’s going to be hot most of the day. Cancún’s high humidity will also make it feel like it’s much hotter than it actually is.

The average temperature for Cancún is about 81ºF throughout the year, with August being the hottest month. Because Cancún is on the water, this naturally prevents it from getting too much hotter due to the cool sea breezes.


Mexico has different seasonal weather patterns outside of winter, spring, summer, and fall. Mexicans have a saying for the weather in February and March because of how much it can vary and be unpredictable, “Febrero loco y marzo otro poco” (February is crazy, and March is another little crazy).

The Yucatan peninsula is affected by the Atlantic hurricane season. From June through October, with the highest chances of a hurricane being in September through October, expect accuracy in rainy forecasts. 

Mexico also has a rainy season that coincides with the Atlantic hurricane season, which is from May through October. Before the rainy season, February through April are relatively dry, with some weather changes throughout the day.


With technological advances and being able to analyze seasonal trends, Cancún’s weather forecasts are going to be mostly accurate. Consider the season to know how much the weather will or won’t vary throughout the day and know that these predictions can be just as accurate as forecasts from around the world.

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