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Can You Take an Uber from Cancun Airport?

Cancun is one of the premier destinations in Mexico for many travelers, so you are not alone in your chosen destination. However, you may not know how you will get around when walking is out of the question. With that thought on your mind, you will naturally ask if you can take an Uber from the Cancun Airport?

As a general rule, you can not take an Uber from the Cancun Airport to your hotel or Air BNB. There is a Taxi Union that keeps tight control over how you can get around while in their city. An Uber driver brave enough to enter the airport will be run off immediately. 

That is not to say that Uber drivers cannot be found in Cancun, but since there is a Union of Taxi drivers present, they are not the first choice for transportation. With that in mind, you may have a few more questions that you want to be answered, which you will find answers to below.

Does The Cancun Airport Offer Uber Drivers?

You can use Uber anywhere in Mexico, straight from the app you already have downloaded and set up. When it comes to the airport, you might as well get used to the idea that an Uber will not come and pick you up. There are many reasons for this, which will be covered in a minute. Still, for now, you need to make sure that you have an alternate mode of transportation decided upon.

  • Union – The Taxi drivers in Cancun all belong to a Union. They pay their dues to ensure fair working conditions and allow them to be the main transportation from the airport.
  • Lines Of Cabs – Once you land, you will see that cabs are lined up along the sidewalk outside the main entrance. They take up all the available room, waiting for people getting off the plane to jump in and fork over money in the trade of a ride.
  • Friction Between The Two – Taxi drivers do not care for Uber drivers because they take fares away. Basically, Uber drivers take money out of their pockets that they use to feed their families. 

You should now be able to see why you should opt-out of trying to get an Uber from the Cancun Airport. Even if you could find an Uber driver willing to take the chance, you would be getting yourself into a legal dilemma. A problem that may be just as bad for you as it would be for the driver. The good news is that there are options available other than Uber and Taxis from the airport if you want to check them out.

What Are the Options for Transportation From Cancun Airport?

You have numerous choices for transportation from Cancun Airport to any other destination. They may not all be viable in your case, and they may not be available when you need them. That is why it is crucial to reserve a ride ahead of time. That way, you can ensure that you have a way to get from the airport to your destination. 

  • Taxi – The choice that will be the most obvious is the Taxi cabs that line the curbs in front of the exit doors. They have the main section of the area, so it would be easy for you to jump into one and shoot off into the city streets.
  • Lyft – This is not an option in Cancun because they have not spread their wings to this area yet.
  • Uber – As discussed above, Uber is available in Cancun but is not used to or from the airport. Not unless you like some serious drama.
  • Cancun Airport Transportation – These shuttles will take you from point A to point B, usually from the airport to the hotel and back to the airport.
  • Cancun Private Shuttle Transportation – This is the same as the vans discussed above, except that you have it all to yourself instead of having to share it with other travelers.
  • Public Buses – One of the cheapest ways to get around town would be to use public buses, but if this is the choice you make, keep in mind that you need to know where the bus stops are, compared to where you want to go.
  • Other Rideshare Platforms – You have a couple of other rideshare options, such as Cabify and Didi. Still, they will run into the same resistance that Uber rides have.

You can see from the list above that your best option to get around from the Cancun airport is one of the Shuttles or taxis. You can use the rideshares after you get to your hotel or BNB. Play it safe and pay the extra fees if you have to.

Is Uber Safe to Use In The Cancun?

The answer to this is a mixed bag, depending upon who you talk to. If you have used Uber before, you know that the drivers are respectful and professional, for the most part. You also understand that the security of your personal information is top of the line. Uber is a safe option in every city in Mexico if you are careful about using it. 

On average, it is safe to use an Uber in Cancun to get around, and in fact, it is safer and cheaper than a Taxi. Many Taxis do not even have a set rate per mile, and instead, they charge you a flat fee that is overinflated.

The cab drivers have threatened some Uber drivers with violence. Even though the legal battle that Uber went through states that they have the right to operate in Cancun, the Taxi drivers are still upset. Uber, and the other ride share companies, can charge less than the Taxi because they do not have to pay the excess fees that all Union workers must pay.

Final Thoughts

You need to remember that not all countries are the same as yours. Cancun is a common destination for people that want to vacation. There is plenty of choices for getting rides if you do not want to rent a car. The options are significantly reduced when you start talking about transportation from the airport because of the Union’s control over the area. 

Unions are a part of life for those living and working in Cancun. So it should be evident that you will need to work with them first until the time comes when you can work around them and use your Uber app for all your transportation needs.

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