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Is Cancún Open?

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Wondering if Cancún is open?

UPDATE: January 13, 2021

You may consider the new CDC requirements for travel internationally. It means you’ll need to be tested for COVID-19 and have a negative test within 3 days of your travel home. Read more here.

Cancún has some of the best beaches in the world and people all over are ready to get back to those beaches. Many people are wondering about whether or not they can actually get to Cancún with everything that is going on in the world right now.

The answer is yes. Cancún is open right now but there are conditions. The state of Quintana Roo, where Cancún is located is open under the traffic light system and currently, the light is orange.

If you’d like to read more about the traffic light system in Mexico you can do that here. It consists of Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green. Most states right now are orange, but there are 16 states still in a red light condition.

Below is a detailed chart that is originally published by the state of Quintana Roo, which is where Cancún is located.

Activity or LocationWho Can Go?Red LightOrange LightYellow LightGreen Light
Groceries, tortillerías, butchers, supermarkets, fruits and vegetables, hardware, tendejón, convenience store, poultry and bakeriesEssentialEssentialEssentialEssentialEssential
Outdoor activitiesHealthy Distancehealthy distancehealthy distancehealthy distancehealthy distance
legislative activitiesEssentialEssentialEssentialEssentialEssential
Travel agencyEmployees15%30%60%100%
Car rentalsEmployees15%30%60%100%
Associations, organizations and religious servicesPercent of Capacity0%30%60%100%
Banks and financial institutionsEssentialEssentialEssentialEssentialEssential
Bars, discos, nightclubs, cabarets, entertainment centers, piano-bar, breweries, pubs, billiards, bowling, coffee singer, karaoke bar, disco bar, social clubs and casinosPercent of Capacity0%0%0%100%
Internet cafePercent of Capacity15%30%60%100%
Golf CoursesPercent of Capacity15%30%60%100%
Hunting and trapping, breeding and farm animals, forestry and related servicesEmployees50%75%85%100%
shopping malls, department stores and the retail trade of clothing, novelties, boutiques and shoesPercent of Capacity0%30%60%100%
Commerce on public roads (**)Number of posts15%30%60%100%
Corporate, securities and investment activitiesEmployees15%30%80%100%
Hosting companiesRooms15%30%60%100%
social events, groups, conventions and DMC'sPersons0%0%50%100%
Manufacture of transport equipmentEmployees30%30%60%100%
Manufacture of machinery and equipmentEmployees30%30%60%100%
Manufacture of clothingEmployees0%30%60%100%
Product Manufacturing Nonmetallic mineralsEmployees30%30%60%100%
Manufacture of products of petroleum and coalEmployees30%30%60%100%
Fabricated metal productsEmployees30%30%60%100%
Photography, video and soundEmployees0%30%60%100%
Gyms and sports clubsPercent of Capacity0%0%0%100%
Tourist guidesEmployees15%30%60%100%
Hospitals, doctors' offices, pharmacies, pharmacies, drug stores and dentistsEssentialEssentialEssentialEssentialEssential
Printing and publishing of newspapers, magazines and booksEmployeesEssentialEssentialEssentialEssential
Wood industry and furniture manufacturingEmployees0%30%60%100%
Real estate, leasing of real estate and condominium managementPercent of Capacity15%30%60%100%
Marine tourism, public and private water sportsSeating15%30%60%100%
Museums and Historic SitesPercent of Capacity15%30%60%100%
Operators adventure / natureEmployees15%30%60%100%
Dive operators and water activitiesPersons15%30%60%100%
Other manufacturingEmployees0%30%60%100%
Stationers, selling crafts, gifts and novelties, jewelry, jewelry and other personal itemsEmployees0%30%60%100%
water parks and spasPercent of Capacity15%30%60%100%
Theme parksPercent of Capacity15%30%60%100%
Hairdressers, beauty salons, cosmetic, massages and spasPercent of Capacity0%30%60%100%
Fisheries and agricultureEveryoneEssentialEssentialEssentialEssential
Beaches and public parksPercent of Capacity0%0%60%100%
Water purifiersEssentialEssentialEssentialEssentialEssential
automotive parts, car washes and garagesPercent of Capacity15%30%80%100%
Restaurants, snacks and soft drinks, soup kitchens, seafood, restaurant-bar, snack bars, taco shops, cafes, pizza, preparation and sale of foodPercent of Capacity15%30%60%100%
public safety, administration and enforcement of justiceEssentialEssentialEssentialEssentialEssential
artistic, cultural and sporting servicesPercent of Capacity0%0%60%100%
accounting and administrative servicesEmployees25%50%75%100%
Support services business (cleaning, staffing, secretarial, billing, security, packaging, research, etc.)Employees25%50%75%100%
Consulting and advisory servicesEmployees25%50%75%100%
Educational servicesDependsDetermined by the health and education authoritiesDetermined by the health and education authoritiesDetermined by the health and education authoritiesDetermined by the health and education authorities
services professionals, scientists and technicalsEmployees25%50%75%100%
Theaters and cinemasSeating0%30%60%100%
tourist conveyorSeating15%30%60%100%
Sales of household goods, computers, items for interior decoration and used itemsPercent of Capacity15%30%80%100%
Sale of mobile phones and accessoriesEmployees0%30%60%100%
Sale of motor vehiclesPercent of Capacity15%30%60%100%

Are Cancún Resorts Open?

We all have our favorite resorts in the Cancún area. Ours is Eldorado Maroma by Karisma. We know you’re wondering if your resort is open.

The answer is yes. Most Cancún resorts are open and they have varying degrees of new procedures to ensure your stay is safe and sanitized.

As I said earlier, the state of Quintana Roo is at an Orange traffic light. The Mexican government has opened the northern part of the state which includes the tourist destinations of Tulum, Cozumel, Puerto Morelos, Isla Mujeres, and Cancún. The southern part of the state remains in the red.

You can read more about the traffic light system in Quintana Roo at this website. https://reactivemosq.roo.gob.mx/actividades-economicas/

Are Cancún Beaches Closed?

As of June 27 2020, technically the answer is yes, the beaches in Cancún are closed. The tourist area of Quintana Roo (the state where Cancún is located) is currently at an Orange traffic light, which means the beaches are to be closed. However, at private resorts, the beaches seem to be open. Call your resort or hotel before you go and find out for sure if your beach is open or closed.

Are Cancún Restaurants Open Now?

Who doesn’t love great authentic Mexican food? I know I do and I’m ready to enjoy the restaurants of Cancún.

As of June 25, the answer is yes Cancún restaurants are open right now. They are operating under the orange traffic light system, which means they are operating at 30% capacity. The traffic light system is updated weekly so check back to see if things change.

IPANEMA Steakhouse at the Hard Rock Hotel in Cancún
KIYOKO Asian Cuisine at El Dorado Maroma, a Karisma Resort

We also wrote a blog about where the locals eat in Cancún. You can read that blog here.

Are Cancún Hotels Open Now?

During the recent pandemic hotels in Cancún did have to close for a few months and many have prepared themselves well to open back up for you.

Cancún hotels are now open. There are still some minor restrictions and hotels are operating at a lower capacity. Overall, you can go and enjoy your favorite Cancún hotel now.

What Should I Expect At My Hotel in Cancún?

Many of the top hotels are doing their best to make sure that you are safe, and the bigger brands with big corporate offices have implemented new procedures across their hotels in Mexico and around the world.

We wrote a blog on the 7 best family resorts with waterparks in Cancún. Check it out here.

You should expect new procedures at check-in, in the common areas, in the fitness area, in your room and suites, at the pool and beach areas, and in the meeting spaces.


  • Expect your luggage to be disinfected upon guest arrival
  • Expect that your temperature will be checked upon arrival with some type of thermal camera
  • Expect clear markings for social distancing
  • Expect keys to be disinfected

Rooms & Suites

  • Expect strict sanitizing procedures to be used to clean guest rooms
  • Full sanitization of guest rooms after each departure
  • Expect to see the hotel maintenance and housekeeping teams to be wearing PPE (Masks and Gloves)
  • Expect no contact room service or in some cases room service will not be available

Common Areas

  • Expect to see increased deep-cleaning and disinfecting all common and public spaces. Especially heavily trafficked areas like the check-in desk, elevators, door handles, pool chairs
  • Expect to see limited space available at spas. You’ll want to book ahead of time if you can

Video on what the Hard Rock Hotel in Cancún is doing

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