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Should You Wear Jewelry In Cancún? What You Need To Know

Taking a vacation is a great way to unwind and step away from the busy city life. Cancún remains one of the best places to visit due to favorable weather, clear waters, and sandy beaches. Since the city is in Mexico, many have been asked about its safety, especially to people who like wearing expensive jewelry. How safe are you wearing jewelry in Cancún?

You can wear jewelry in Cancún, provided you stay within the resort area. However, it would be wise to leave them in your suitcase or with the management if you’re leaving the compound. Nonetheless, you should leave the jewelry home if it holds monumental value and cannot be replaced

That’s not all, as you still need to know if Cancún is a safe place for vacation, and whether you should use credit cards or cash while in Cancún, which you will learn if you read on. 

Can I Wear Jewelry in Cancún?

Cancún has one of the best sandy beaches and warm weather for vacationing. The natives are also friendly, with countless hotels and private homes offering accommodation. Resorts have remained a clear-cut option for many visitors due to the added security. 

If you’re someone who appreciates jewelry or has some that hold a sentimental value to you, it’s perfectly normal to want to know if it’s safe to bring them and wear them while in Cancún. It’s safe to wear your preferred jewelry while in Cancún.

 Wearing your favorite jewelry in Cancun is safer if you follow these safety tips:

  • Always wear them when you’re within the resort since it’s unlikely for someone to rob you there.
  • If you’re heading out to town and are concerned, leave them in your room or give them to management for safekeeping. Many hotel rooms have lockable safes!
  • Never wear expensive jewelry in public as this could make you a target, even when vacationing in other cities besides Cancún. 
  • Leave the jewelry home before leaving for Cancún if they’re irreplaceable or holds a sentimental value. 

Is Cancún a Safe Place to Vacation?

Cancún is one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico that experiences warmer weather throughout the year. However, as it’s within the Mexico borders, many people have been skeptical regarding its safety, with many questions raised whether it meets the safety requirements for visitors to camp and enjoy the welcoming weather. 

Despite the misguided thoughts, Cancún is a safe place, especially near the tourist areas. However, tourists should avoid venturing deep into other towns or cities alone. If it’s inevitable to avoid these places, they should get the necessary security. 

Tourists visiting this city for the first time should request a tour guide to accompany them when walking touring the city, and should always leave their expensive belongings in the hotel, or where they’ll be staying. 

The local government worked together with the private sector to improve Cancún’s security, and the efforts have borne the fruits, given how well this place has remained guarded. There are fewer security incidents and gang-related cases, unlike before. Many resources have been used to boost security, including the installation of countless CCTV cameras and mobile security units patrolling the city throughout the day and night.

We’ve blogged about safety in Cancún many times. Here are several of our blogs that talk about safety:

Should you use Cash or Credit Cards in Cancún?

Bringing enough money in your vacation could help to facilitate your stay and explore the city extensively. The debate on whether to bring cash or credit cards on your visit to Cancún has been ongoing, with a proper answer eluding many. 

Credit cards are ideal for many vacationing in Cancún since many hotels and restaurants can facilitate this transaction. However, bringing a little bit of cash could come in handy, especially if you’re planning to move around the city. 

Remember that transport and small businesses in Cancún still prefer cash over credit cards. Buses and taxis are the common modes of transport in and around Cancún, and they still rely on cash to keep them afloat. 

Make sure to visit the local bank to have your currency exchanged, as you’ll find it hard to operate with another currency besides Peso. 


Cancún is one of the best places to vacation in Mexico due to warmer weather and sandy beaches. It’s also relatively safer to wear jewelry, provided you stay within the resort. It’s best to leave the jewelry home to avoid any incidents in Cancún. The city remains one of the safest places in Mexico due to the efforts from the local government and private sectors. Using credit cards is ideal for many visitors, but bringing cash is very effective in facilitating smaller transactions, such as transport.


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