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How To Call 911 Emergency Services In Cancún

Traveling to Cancún in Mexico can be a magical adventure, but there are times when things turn for the worst. Trying to contact emergency services in another country is often different from contacting these services in the states. So how do you do it?

Surprisingly enough, you can actually dial 911 in Mexico and receive emergency services. But there are many other services that you can call besides 911, and it is recommended to call these numbers if you are able. 

How To Call 911 Emergency Services In Cancún

For general emergency purposes, dialing 911 will suffice. It will connect you to emergency services. This has been in place in Mexico since 2017 to make it easier for those who travel here from the United States.

But there are a few reasons why this isn’t always the best route to go when searching for emergency services. Many tourists have said that there is a long wait period on the phone and those on the other line don’t normally speak English. 

If you dial 911, it is best to get a local to translate for you. If you want to be prepared, ensure that you learn basic terminology like “need help” or “ambulance” so that the operator knows what you need.

Other Emergency Services

If you have the chance, try to have other emergency services’ contact information on your phone. You can even try to write it down and have it with you at all times. Phones happen to die at the exact moment when you need them most.

For other services, look at the table below:

ServicePhone Number
Red Cross998 884 1616
Fire Department998 884 1202
Police Department998 884-1913
Traffic Police998 884-0710
Weather Center998 884-4341
Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Treatment998 891 5200
Bureau of Immigration998 881 3560
Civil Protection998 887 4341
Tourist Assistance Office998 884-8073
AA [24 hours]998 887-4927
United States Consulate998 883-0272

If you need an ambulance, many travelers and locals suggest that you contact the ambulance company directly. These services are private companies, and you will receive one more quickly if you contact them directly. Here are a few companies in Cancún:

Ambulance CompanyPhone Number
Ambulancias 24 Horas+52 998 848 0752
Ambulancias Alfa+52 998 884 9106
Ambulancias Inspira (24 Hours)+52 998 295 5006

Do You Need To Dial The Area Code?

If your services are solely from the United States, yes, you need to dial the country’s code, which is +52. There are only two instances where you don’t have to dial this.

The first is when you are in Mexico City, and the second instance is when you dial 911. You will want to dial the country code other than those two instances.

We also wrote a handy blog about whether or not your cell phone will work in Cancun.

Tips And Tricks For Traveling Safely

When traveling out of the country, you will always want to be safe, whether environmental, medical or another type of emergency. Follow the tips below to reduce the risk of a mishap or in case of an emergency arising:

  • Register with your consulate.
  • Have spare documents.
  • Have the emergency numbers on your phone.
  • Have a paper copy of emergency numbers.
  • Have the number and address of the place you are staying at written down.
  • Understand and learn basic terminology for emergencies.
  • Know local traffic laws and rules.
  • Know where you are going and where you are at.
  • Always care spare chargers or batteries for your phone.

For the best preparation for an emergency, it is good to register at your local consulate so that the United States knows which of its citizens are in the country. This will help the government locate anyone if an emergency comes about. 

There is the chance that political unrest could occur, a national disaster, or even a local weather disaster. This just helps the government take note that you have come to Mexico, and if something does happen, your family can contact the consulate to help them find you.

Be aware of any cultural differences and what to expect. Being prepared helps you get through this emergency more smoothly and helps you communicate more efficiently with local emergency professionals. 


Traveling is a fun thing to do but emergencies can happen at any moment. Although it most likely won’t happen, it is best to be prepared if it does. Understand the local area and how you should navigate through the city. Be conscious of your surroundings, and your trip will be a safe one!

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