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Traveling To Cancun When Pregnant: What You Must Know

Perhaps you had a trip to Cancun booked before you discovered you were pregnant or you are simply aiming for one last hoorah before the baby is born; either way, you may be wondering if it is safe for you to travel to Cancun in your current condition. Understanding the risks and precautions associated with traveling while pregnant will help you decide what is right for you and your baby. 

Generally, it’s safe for pregnant women to travel to Cancun; however, they should:

  • Bring sun/mosquito protection
  • Check airline’s policy for women who are traveling while pregnant
  • Visit doctor 4–6 weeks before traveling

Steps can be taken so the trip is as safe and comfortable as possible. 

If you are expecting and wish to learn more about how you can stay safe and comfortable while traveling to Cancun, continue reading for helpful information. 

Traveling When Pregnant – Cancun or Bust!

There are a lot of conflicting opinions regarding whether or not it is safe for a pregnant woman to travel. Many people are of the belief that you should not fly or do any extensive traveling if you are expecting a baby, but how much truth is there to that belief? 

Here are the top reasons one might avoid traveling to Cancun while pregnant: 

  • Food/water safety
  • Medical/health complications
  • Mosquitos and the Zika virus 

Although the reasons listed above are all things to be taken seriously if the proper precautions have been made most pregnant women can travel to Cancun with little to no issue. 

Flying to Cancun VS Other Modes of Transportation

Of course, there are other methods of travel if you want to get to Cancun; however, most people choose to fly because it is more direct and much faster than other methods. 

If flying is not your cup of tea or your health care provider advises that you do not fly it is possible to reach Cancun via: 

  • A cruise ship or ferry
  • Bus or long road trip in the family station wagon. 
  • Train (to a certain point)

The steps you take to prepare for your trip may vary depending upon what mode of transportation you plan to use.

Keep reading to learn what precautions should be taken and get some tips for planning so you can make the best choice for yourself. 

Precautions and Tips For Planning 

As briefly mentioned above it is generally safe for a woman who is pregnant to travel but certain steps and precautions should be taken before doing so. Below we will discuss the recommended steps to take before booking your Cancun trip if possible. 

Get to the Doctor

Schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss your travel plans; get a thorough check-up to be sure you and the baby are okay to travel. This is the most important thing to do if you are planning to travel to Cancun or anywhere that is a considerable distance from where you reside.

If you plan on flying to Cancun and everything checks out on the health side of things most doctors say you can fly pretty close to your due date. Generally, 36 weeks is the farthest along they recommend you to fly. 

Note: If you travel to Cancun or other areas where the Zika virus is present it is highly recommended that you have a test done by your health care provider when you return to be sure you are not infected. 

Consult Airline Policies

Some airlines have strict policies regarding women who are pregnant. It is important that you check with your specific airline to see what requirements must be met. 

In some cases, you will need to provide a written statement from your health care provider stating that you are healthy and in good condition to fly. 

It would be a major bummer if you get to the airport only to discover that you cannot board the plane without proper documents. 

Pack Accordingly

Do a little research about the location you are visiting so you know what to pack. Packing the correct essentials and gear can prevent you from:

  • Being uncomfortable
  • Getting sick
  • Getting sunburned

The Must Haves

Here are some items that are “must-haves” if you go to Cancun while pregnant: 

  • Large brimmed hat to keep the sun off of your face, ears, and neck
  • Lightweight long-sleeved shirts/pants to help deter mosquitos from biting into your tasty skin
  • Pack a mosquito net to cover your bed in the event one is not provided where you stay
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen/insect repellent deemed safe for pregnant women

Pay Attention to the Seasons

Unless you had already booked your trip before you found out you were expecting a baby it is best to plan your trip to Cancun during the cooler months. 

This will help you to be more comfortable as it will not be as hot, reduce your risk of sunburn/poison and reduce your exposure to mosquitos. 

Any woman who has ever been pregnant knows how uncomfortable it can be to get too hot so it is important to take the seasons into consideration. Another bonus to traveling to Cancun during the colder months is you will likely get a better rate so you can have more adventures! 

Seek Higher Elevation

The mosquitos in Mexico don’t play around. They oftentimes are the carriers of the Zika virus which at this time there is no vaccine for. 

It is recommended to stay in a location that is at least 6,500 feet in elevation to avoid areas that are more densely populated with mosquitos. Here’s another article about insects in Cancun.

Travelers Health Insurance

When traveling abroad it is super important to consider the fact that you may sustain an injury or become ill. What happens if you are out of the country and you need a doctor or emergency room visit? 

Many times your health insurance will not cover expenses that are incurred if you leave the country so it is important to check with your specific health insurance company to see what their policies are. 

In the event that your health insurance will not cover out-of-the-country health care, you have the option to buy traveler’s health insurance. If you want to read more about travelers insurance in Cancun, click the link.

Continue reading for a few more helpful tips to keep you healthy while traveling to Cancun. 

Watch What You Put Into Your Mouth

Ways to stay healthy, safe, and comfortable while in Cancun:

  • Avoid food that has been sitting at room temperatures such as at a cookout or buffet 
  • Do not drink anything that has ice (unless it has come from filtered water)
  • Do not eat unpasteurized dairy
  • Never drink water from the tap; only drink beverages in prepackaged containers
  • Only eat food that is freshly and thoroughly cooked

Nothing is worse than being sick, except being sick when you are far away from home; if you wish to avoid diarrhea or other illness it will serve you well to heed closely to the above tips.

Travel or Stay Home – In the End, It’s Up to You

When all is said and done the choice to travel to Cancun or another faraway land is primarily up to you. It is your body and your baby; you know how you feel and if you think you can handle the stress that can come with traveling. If you consult with your physician and plan accordingly it is likely you will have the time of your life and maybe bring your bundle of joy back for a reunion once they’re born. 







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