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How Much Should You Tip at a Cancún All-Inclusive?

You’re getting ready for your trip to an all-inclusive resort in Cancún but aren’t quite sure about gratuity standards. More specifically, who should you tip at your resort, and how much?

Most workers at an all-inclusive resort will not expect a tip. However, they will definitely appreciate it, and you may get better service as a result. The amount you should tip varies based on who you’re interacting with but typically ranges between 20-200 pesos, or $1-$10, per service.

Below, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about tipping in Canc​​ún. Keep reading to learn more!

How Much Do I Tip in Cancún at An All-Inclusive?

If you’ve never been to Mexico, you might be unfamiliar with the local customs regarding tipping. Staying at an all-inclusive resort, where everything is included in the price of your stay, can make this even more confusing.

Mexico has similar tipping practices to the United States. Service workers, especially restaurant employees, rely on tips to make up for a low hourly wage. Even if the hotel claims that everything is covered, tipping can help you show your appreciation and may even get you better service!

Typically, you should expect to spend $10-$15, or 200-300 Mexican Pesos, in gratuities per day. However, this depends heavily on the activities you participate in during your stay. 

Should I Tip in Pesos or US Dollars?

Most places you visit in Mexico will accept US dollars in addition to pesos. For this reason, tipping in American currency is acceptable. However, most locals prefer to receive gratuities in pesos, as it is the more convenient option.

It’s always a good idea to have pesos on hand when you visit Mexico. This prevents you from running into any issues or having to do quick calculations to pay your bill. 

If you do choose to use dollars while in Mexico, make sure to use only bills, as coins are more difficult to exchange. Ensure any bills you use are in good condition. 

Who Should I Tip at a Cancún All-Inclusive Resort?

While staying at an all-inclusive resort in Cancún, you’re sure to interact with many different service workers. This may include:

  • Drivers
  • Waiters
  • Bellhops
  • Pool staff
  • Bartenders
  • Concierges
  • Spa workers
  • Housekeepers

You will see some of these people every day of your vacation, while you may only see others once. Therefore, each service worker will need to be tipped differently. Below, we’ll highlight how much you should tip each worker and how often you should do so.


Most all-inclusive resorts offer a shuttle service from the airport to the resort, and it’s always good to tip the driver once you reach your destination. A good amount to tip your shuttle driver is between 100-200 pesos or $5-$10. 

You’re also likely to interact with various golf cart drivers who take you around the resort. As far as gratuities go, 20 pesos, or $1, per trip is customary.


In Mexico, the standard tip amount is around 10-15% of your bill. However, if you stay at an all-inclusive resort, you will probably never even see a bill! For this reason, around $5, or 100 pesos, is an acceptable tip amount for table or a la carte service. For buffet wait staff, 50 pesos, or around $2.50, is standard. 


When you arrive at your resort, a bellhop will carry your bags to your room. Depending on how big your suitcases are, as well as how far they have to be carried, you should tip between 20-50 pesos or $1-$2. 

Pool Staff

Many resorts have staff who bring guests food, drinks, or towels at the pool. A typical gratuity for this service is around 20 pesos, or $1, per trip. Tip extra if they have a lot of things to carry at once! 


When you order a round of drinks at the bar, tip the bartender around 20 pesos, or $1. If you’re ordering a bigger round or hard-to-make drinks, tip around 50 pesos, or about $2.50, instead. 


The resort concierge may help you find the perfect local activity or restaurant to dine at. Whenever they help you book something, leave them a tip of around 100 pesos, or $5, as a thank you.

Spa Workers

The nicest resorts in Cancún offer on-site spa services. After your trip to the spa, leave the workers a tip of between 50-100 pesos, or $2.50-$5. 


A member of the resort’s housekeeping staff will likely come in and clean your room every morning. Before you leave, set out a tip of around 20-50 pesos, or about $1-$2. You could also leave one big tip at the end of your stay. For a week-long stay, 200-300 pesos, or $10-$15, is acceptable.

Final Thoughts

When visiting an all-inclusive resort in Cancún, tipping will help you show your appreciation for service workers. The amount you should tip depends on who you’re interacting with but usually ranges between 20-200 pesos, or $1-$10. 

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